The urge of establishing DILSA was born understanding the current situation in Malaysia and many of the South East Asian countries are facing today. Despite all advancement in wound treatment technology, years of improvising guidelines , decades of researches in wound healing and tissue regeneration, thousands of wound care conferences and CME’s , billions of dollars are spend worldwide for Diabetic Foot for its complications and disastrous consequences, the rate of lower limb amputations is still on the rise daily.


Many are being brutally chopped and left to die with pouring pus and foul smelling wound. Just because many whom are affected are from poor socio economic background or else known as third world citizens and “incapable”  of questioning the professional group, it does not mean we could steel billions of Ringgit and not being responsible for it . Despite all good steps taken by many responsible bodies and associations towards Diabetic limb salvage till date, we still could not stop or even reduce the rates of lower limb amputations in our beloved nation and also other part the world SIGNIFICANTLY. Despite years surgeons has been amputating the toes, foot or even the leg , there was no drastic measures undertaken to prevent the preventable Diabetic Foot Ulcers which is the main course for lower limb amputations in the world.


Making drastic change needs a strong team. Members in the team need to have limb salvage principals, and putting limb salvage as the first option than Amputation. Experts favoring for lower limb amputations and without having the passion in lower limb salvaging will not make any change in current situation. Since there are only few surgeons with interest on lower limb salvage and Diabetic Foot management are in Malaysia, MDLSS and the founding Chairman has managed to convinced many experts all around the world to get together and help passionate Malaysian surgeons and practitioners to learn the knowledge and skills of limb salvage and art of wound healing.


DILSA also will be working closely with the Ministry of Health and other related societies and associations to lower limb amputations such as the Endocrine & Metabolic Society, National Institute of Diabetes (NADI ) , Vascular society Of Malaysia, Nephrology Society Of Malaysia, National Wound Advisory Board, Malaysian Orthopedics Association, Malaysian Diabetic Association and many international societies to facilitate the lower limb salvaging efforts.


MDLSS has been working closely with AIMST University Malaysia, a beautiful and one of the best Medical University in the country and discussions on establishing a center of excellence for diabetic foot ulcers and lower limb salvaging in South East Asia and Asia. Collaborating with faculty of Medicine, Basic Sciences, Biotechnology, Nursing and Dental we are expecting a new wave of younger medical frontiers will be well versed with Diabetic foot ulcers and lower limb amputations hence possibilities to ensure lower limb amputations or digital amputations will be the last in the list and more serious engagement in prevention measures and limb preservation will be eminent.


DILSA will be hosting a 2 yearly meeting and scientific Discussions which will be hosted in AIMST University Malaysia if all fall in the right place. DILSA has no intentions in making the event a business related activity but solely dedicated for academic and clinical skills in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management Lower limb Salvaging practice.


DILSA will be participated by clinical experts from Malaysia, SEA, Asia, Middle East, UK, USA and many more to fully engaged in detail clinical discussions, surgical techniques demonstrations and workshop, and   practical sessions to effectively diagnosing early diabetic foot conditions leading to ulcerations and amputations and adequate knowledge in Diabetic Foot wear and Orthotic in management of DFU and Lower limb Amputations. All the topics will be then concluded as practical guidelines in Lower Limb Salvaging efforts in our nation assisting all other societies and associations towards the main goal , Saving Limbs and saving Life.


DILSA is a Highly Scientific Clinical Discussion which are exclusively managed and organized by MDLSS. Participants will be limited to 50 selected participants chosen by MDLSS to ensure quality and optimal output during the event. The conclusions of the discussions will be presented to relevant authorities to be adopted and practiced among all related parties to benefit the nation and people.