DILSA™ 2020



The ever growing field of medical science is always open to new dynamics of study and improvisation of latest and current evident base techniques of treatment. Over the past few decades, vast growth in many sub-specialties and general practice has tremendously improved our overall health status. Though we are divided by borders and economics, overall standard practice of medicine is available almost anywhere. Cancer & HIV have always been the mainstay focus of majority global media, projected as the major cause of death among many countries. Lifestyle diseases such as Ischemic Heart Disease, Hypertension and Diabetes have records of claiming more lives up till now than the usually mentioned.

Focusing down to Diabetes; any disease of the foot relating to a diabetic has more tolls collect on the patients and their family for a prolonged duration of time compared to any other mentioned. In relation, a simple lesion of callus on the foot may turn to a chronic wound, later infectious and may even cause lower limb amputation. Statistically speaking, a foot ulcer is the initial event in more than 85% of major amputations performed on people with diabetes. Lifetime risk of a diabetic developing a foot ulcer is 25%. Also 25% of diabetic foot ulcers, that do not heal will require amputation. An alternate Evidence based study on management of peripheral arterial and diabetic foot, concludes that 50% of diabetic foot amputees would lose their lives within 2 years following their amputation. The ultimatum is, estimation of 1 leg is being amputated every 30 seconds globally falling victim to Diabetes. Proper intervention with the right team consisting of wound care along with vascular team support, diabetes/physician, and podiatry team reduces 75% risk of amputation.

What are we facing, Are we well equipped to go against this fight. What is our stand in this growing 3rd world country as General Practioners, primary care providers and every other allied specialty. Can we make a difference? How do we do that?

Malaysian Diabetic Limb Salvaging Society with the help of advance wound care providers and limb salvaging surgeons have rendered strategically a one day pre conference course, especially targeting primary care providers and Practioners with special interest in wound care to salvage diabetic limbs.

Starting With a lecture on management of diabetic foot ulcer in developing countries, five works shops are aligned to help primary care providers to perform their magic. First workshop, a Life & Limb Salvaging screening, “Complete Diabetic Foot Screening” goes in hand with neuropathy screening. The screening will provide stratified risk scoring for prompt management.

Second work shop is centered on offloading and 3D silicone insole prescription. This comprises of importance and when and how to offload patients on diabetic foot ulcer treatment. 3D Silicone insole being 1 of kind insoles, custom made for each and every individual regardless of the anatomical change or foot morphology. The art of wound dressing, being the next workshop looks at the finer details that make enormous changes to wound care. Finer Techniques, pro- foot care, with foot handling and application of dressings, bandages and others.

Next workshop station is on antiseptic role on infected diabetic foot. It encompasses on live demonstration of antiseptic foot wash and wound bed preparation.

Finally, the course concludes with live surgery on management of diabetic foot infection.

With the arranged course, It is definite many limbs are going to be saved at early stage. The primary care providers will be preventing any diabetic foot infection from before they cost a devastating toll.

“Save a Limb, Save a Life”


Pre-Conference Support Team
De-callusing Workshop