Dr. Mogan Naidu 

Born in Sitiawan, this Perak born gentleman later grew up in Dublin Estate, Kulim Kedah. He completed his high school at Kuala Selangor Science Secondary School (KUSESS), a full boarding school for 5 years. Since young, his urge to help others and passion for becoming a medical practitioner has been his dream.

Dr Mogan Naidu Graduated from AIMST University Malaysia with MBBS back in 2008. He then pursued his interest in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair in CMC Vellore South India, Orthopedics Department Hospital Taiping Malaysia, and mostly in his own founded Center MediAsia™ Advance Wound Dressing & Tissue Repair Center. MediAsia™ was established back in 2012 pioneering Private Advance Wound Care Services in North Malaysia specializing in Complex Tissue Repair and Diabetic Foot Management. Currently, MediAsia™ has 6 Doctors and associates with all leading Specialties and hospitals related to Wound healing in Diabetic.

Dr Mogan Founded MediAsia™ Orthotic and Prosthetic Center in 2013 which also engaged in researching and developing Affordable and reliable Foot Devices and Insoles to heal and Prevent Foot ulcers. He also established MediAsia™ Maggot (Larvae) Biotherapy Center and Diabetic Care Center in 2014. He is an active international Speaker for Practice in Advance Diabetic Wound Management & Tissue Repair, Diabetic Limb Salvage and Minimal Invasive Surgeries (MIS) in Diabetic Foot Infection. He was appointed as the International Faculty Member of Prestigious Vascular Society of India (VSI) in 2017 .He is also the Founder and established The Malaysian Diabetic Limb Salvaging Society (MDLSS) since 2016.

Dr Mogan has organized various Prestigious CME’s, Hands-on Workshops, Conferences and Summits on Wound healing and Tissue repair in Malaysia and Overseas. The Free Diabetic Foot Screening Program (FDFSP) lead by Dr Mogan is the only program in Malaysia and Southeast Asia fully engaged in Preventive awareness and Pre-Ulcerative screening under MDLSS. He and his team has successfully treated over 3000 DFU/DFI cases which would be otherwise subjected for Lower Limb Amputations.

Dr Mogan Naidu is also the Chairman of Aimst University Medical School Alumni Association (AMSAA) re-established in 2018. With the mission in uniting the Alma Mater of AIMST bringing together all the graduated MBBS Batches from this prestigious university. The association has been taking steps to keep the alumni members engaged in activities and programs to benefit the community. Till date, 3 international conferences and workshops in AIMST University has been executed successfully. On an understate level has successfully conducted workshops inter-bridging universities, especially in limb salvaging efforts both locally and internationally. The Alumni team of AIMST University lead by Dr Mogan Naidu that was guided the by Respected Prof Emeritus Dr H Siddhu has accomplished several international workshops and conducting seminars around the world and has participated as international faculty with many prestigious healthcare organization.

Today Dr Mogan Naidu and his team are operating wound healing and tissue repair practices in 5 locations in Penang and Kedah, Malaysia. Dr Mogan Naidu and his team from Malaysian Diabetic Limb Salvaging Society now have taken the pledge to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, better known as UNSDGs or the Global Goals. Equal health for all individual is what Dr Mogan Naidu and his team have been striving for. Dr Mogan Naidu has engaged himself to reach more people in the rural regions, including the indigenous people in Malaysia’s deep forest. He is keen to generate positives awareness about diabetes and diabetic foot ulcer to all layers of communities in Malaysia and South East Asia. His goal is to ensure many are aware of the vital preventive measures to avoid limb amputations in relation to a diabetic foot ulcer. With the slogan “Save a Foot Save a Life”, Dr Mogan and his team are thriving to reduce the number of limb amputation cases due to diabetes. His continuous journey on all efforts is in pursuance to glory.

DR Menaga Perimalu

DR Menaga Perimalu

Born and raised in Slim River Perak, she was the second in the family with another 3 more siblings. Having persuade her childhood ambition to be a Doctor, she enrolled in the AIMST University’s MBBS programme back in 2003.

She completed her MBBS and was servicing as House Officer at Hospital Ipoh since 2010 and continued as Medical Officer in Seberang Jaya hospital Penang since 2013 till 2019. She spent almost 7 years in Anaesthesiology Department working closely with patients in ICU and those who need anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia and pain management.

She is also the Founding Member of Malaysian Diabetic Limb Salvaging Society (MDLSS) and has travelled the entire country and international conferences to participate as the faculty of the society and also actively involved in various diabetic foot related workshops. Dr Menaga is also the key person to establish DILSA – The Diabetic International Limb Salvaging Academy in 2019, anchoring the education and training programmes of MDLSS in Malaysia and globally. Currently Dr Menaga is the holding the Honorary Committee member post in MDLSS and Senior Facilitator for The Diabetic Limb Preservation Programme.

Dr Menaga is the Co-Founder of Polyclinic MediAsia ™ and MediAsia Advance Wound Care & Tissue Repair Center ™ established in 2012 in Mainland Penang. Currently MediAsia Advance Wound Care Center is located in 4 different towns in Malaysia. She also Founded MediKaki , a Premium Medical Health Footwear Outlet with Custom Made Speciality services now operating in 2 location (Kulim Kedah and Machang Bubok Penang). She is also a graduate in Post Graduate Diploma In Diabetes Mellitus from University of Warwick.

Dr Menaga is Married to Dr Mogan Naidu the Founder Of MediAsia Group of Clinics and the Founding Chairman of MediWorld HealthCare Sdn BhD. Her experiences & journey as a founder along with Dr Mogan Naidu and the entire team has been from the beginning.

DR Kamlesh Madawan

Dr. Kamlesh Madawan

Dr Kamlesh Madawan was born in Bayan Baru, Penang. At the age of 5, moved to Kulim Kedah where he grew up and completed his high school education at SMK Sultan Badlishah. He was then selected to pursue his degree to become a doctor in a Government University from Bangladesh. He completed his MBBS degree from University Of Chittagong, Bangladesh where he resided and learned their language, culture, hardship of a 3rd world country and its people for more than 6 years.

He started his internship in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Sabah. He was trained in all 6 major department and was absorbed into Emergency (ETD) as a Medical Officer after completion. He pursued in emergency medicine while attended multiple courses including CLS, MTLS and Advanced Trauma Life Support. A special keen area on Limb Salvaging treatment on hopes of salvaging diabetic limbs was always an innate desire.

In year 2017 he was transferred to Hospital Kota Marudu, Sabah which is a District Hospital located 3 hours away from the Capital of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. He was the Medical Officer for the Emergency Department of Hospital Kota Marudu, sabah for the next 2 years. He was also the Head Person in charge for the Orthopedics Visiting Specialist in the hospital and has being involved in management of diabetic foot and limb salvaging since then.

Since the year 2019, Dr Kamlesh Madawan joined the Mediasian Team to pursue his career in Diabetic Management and Advanced Wound Management and completed as a PIONEER wound care provider from MediAsia Diabetic Wound Care Academy. Currently Dr. Kamlesh is our Chief Operations Officer, at MediAsia™ serving patients at his best.

Dr Kamlesh Madawan is also a member of the Malaysian Diabetic Limb Salvaging Society (MDLSS). He has organized multiple campaign under the NGO’s that benefits diabetic patient and ensuring them awareness & education on prevention of diabetic limb amputation. With the slogan goes “SAVE A FOOT SAVE A LIFE” , Dr Kamlesh Madawan and his Mediasian team will do their best to continue their efforts to prevent amputation and educate everyone to a better health and a very promising better life.

Dr Kalaivani Nyanaprakasam

Dr Kalaivani Nyanaprakasam


Dr Kalaivani Nyanaprakasam was born in Sungai Petani and raised in Kulim Kedah. She was junior to our founder Dr Mogan Naidu in SM Sultan Badlishah Kulim. Continuing excellence of early education and In pursuing her goal to become a Medical Doctor, she then went to Bangladesh where she spent 6 years as a medical undergraduate.

She completed her MBBS degree from University of Science &Technology Chittagong, Bangladesh in the year 2016. Completing her internship successfully as well as getting exposed to various disease condition and specialities for 2 years in Banghabandhu, Hospital Bangladesh.

Returning home to Malaysia she had special interest in the field of Aesthetics, she continued her carrier with renowned Medical Spa in Kuala Lumpur for the next 2 years as a consultant aesthetician and has built up excellent PR with patients from various background. Always being interested in Limb salvage and preventive medicine, she joined us as a volunteer member of the prestigious Malaysian Diabetic Limb Salvaging Society back in year 2018 and involved many charitable activities dealing with diabetic foot and limb preservation effort.

Amidst finding a new nic in this field she pursued further to pioneer and  graduate from MediAsia Diabetic Wound Care Academy. Good exposure and training here has lead her to be a successful wound care provider with MediLuka currently.

Dr Kalai is also our Head of Department at Medikaki – our premium medical footwear outlet in both Kulim Kedah and Bukit Mertajam Penang. She has been closely working with our in-house orthotic technicians to produce quality and reliable footwear and orthotic devices for all our patients. Dr Kalai also is fluent in Bangladesh language. She is married to Dr Kamlesh Madawan who is our current COO of MediAsia.