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We understand the needs of quality shoes especially for Diabetic patients and others. New designs are unveiled on our shelves every month for ultimate customer satisfaction. Limited pieces of shoes and accessories to ensure a quick turnaround of product selections and give customers and patients a sense of uniqueness in ownership of a very special footwear.

Home Offloading Device (indoor)

This Patented product was our founder’s brainchild in 2012. Asians are culturally bound to not wearing footwear at home hence preventing them to have an optimal and wound healing. Therefore, this product was made to cater patients during acute stage for proper in-home offloading.

Hand Made Offloading Sandals (outdoor)

Offloading sandals are a temporary walking device or footwear designed and made by our rehabilitation expert. We follow strict standard guidelines to produce our hand made insoles which are required by patients as the offloaded areas may varies from patient to patient.

Herreen’s 3d Foot Scanner technology uses multiple passes to obtain 200,000 data points to make it one of the most accurate foot and lower limb modelling scanners available in market today.

With an accurasncy of 0.4mm, Herreen’s 3d Foot Scanner ensures that all patients and customers footwear and orthoses fits precisely.

This service is best used for patients and customers who have any foot and ankle condition such as Charcot’s foot, severe arthritis, diabetic foot ulcers, tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction, partial foot amputation and similar foot related problems.

Footlink shoes are designed in accordance to stringent bio-mechanical and healthy footwear guide. These two concepts will offer the wearer a more healthy and comfortable fit and be able to perform prolonged standing and walking actives foot pain (arch pain, heel pain, ball of foot pain), ankle pain, knee pain, lower back pain, swollen foot and diabetic foot. The range is also suitable for complicated foot problems caused by arthritis, geriatrics, osteoporosis, obesity and many othersties. The cushioning comfort and shock absorption, the elements in Footlink’s range of footwear are the solution to the common yet excruciating foot problems.

Footprints are like fingerprints: yours are different to everyone else’s. Every individual has their own unique way of walking, and SIDAS has taken the right step by creating custom-fit products that are equally unique. Sidas carries out its research using a global approach, soliciting the help of


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