We managed to help many of our clients with chronic non- healing wounds and as well as salvaged
many foot and toes from being amputated

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MEDIASIA is a well establish advance wound care center equipped with maggot bio-therapy facilities located in northern region of Malaysia. We have been in the chronic and complex wound care services since 2012 and we have been trusted by various healthcare organizations in Malaysia and Internationally for lower limb salvage effort.

MEDIASIA provides our clients with at least 60 types of advance wound dressing products from all over the world, and we use only premium quality dressing products for the best outcome.

MEDIASIA has established orthosis & prosthesis center with a permanent rehabilitation specialist care for offloading and to restore the dynamics of foot abnormalities which often noted in chronic diabetic patients. Our Premium Medical Footware outlets known as MediKaki are now available in 2 locations, At Kulim Kedah & Bukit Mertajam.


Complete Evaluation & Management of patient & their wounds as a whole  – from their wound issue to psychological and Daily Nutrition intake.

Refractory non-healing wound care

FREE Diabetic foot risk screening and Evaluation in all our Clinics and MediKaki Footwear Centers to all visitors if needed.

Specialized Radiology Assessment (X-ray’s, CT Scan, MRI’s, Doppler Ultrasound, CT Angiography) will be arranged specifically by our Doctors at MediAsia – Further Evaluation will be made based on Radiological Report given by the Radiologist In charge.

Wound debridement in MediAsia is subdivided into various categories staged by our clients wound condition. We are specialized in Diabetic Wound Surgeries and various DF surgical techniques to ensure complex and chronic wounds heals without any complication in a fast tract. Our Doctors are trained in complicated and complex Diabetic Foot (DF) management and we do it with almost NO PAIN (according to majority of our patients)

Maggot/ Larvea BioTheraphy – Maggot Debridment Theraphy (MDT) – Rawatan Luka Kencing Manis Ulat Lalat

Pioneering the Larvae Bio-therapy treatment as alternative therapy to manage diabetic foot ulcers since 2012 in North of Malaysia – MediAsia has been providing MDT services to patients with needs nationwide. We have been educating medical and healthcare practitioners via CME workshops nationwide to ensure MDT is a safe practice for chronic non healing wound patients in Malaysia.

Minimal Invasive Surgery (MIS) for Infected Diabetic Wound 

Our Doctors are well trained in Great Toe salvaging surgeries and Osteomyelitic Bone surgeries ( Pembedahan Luka Ibu Jari kaki dan Pembedahan Tulang Reput ) – Our Doctors and Senior Staffs are also the facilitators and volunteers for the Malaysian Diabetic Limb Salvaging Society (MDLSS) an National Registered NGO to fight against lower limb amputations among diabetic patients in South East Asia.


Compressive bandaging system/ Depressurizing dressing (venous stasis ulcer).


Wide range of intravenous antibiotics – according to international wound practice guidelines based on Pus C&S.


Supplements & Vitamins for faster wound healing.

  • CUSTOM MADE DIABETIC FOOT INSOLE WITH SANDAL OR PORTABLE INSOLE for faster wound recovery with prescription of offloading device for neuropathic ulcers

  • In-house foot rehabilitation & occupational therapist to counsel patient on individualized types of foot wear

  • In-house workshop for faster delivery of offloading devices & repairing work purposes.

  • Wide range of custom made & pre-made orthosis and pre-made prosthesis available in our medical grade footware outlet – MEDIKAKI


Additional services : –

(i) Post Amputation Diabetic Wound Care

A series of Serial Tissue Repair (STR) and Micro-debridement surgical procedure are offered to salvage and preserve part of the toe of foot that is remaining – a limb salvaging procedures. 

(ii) Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

we refer our clients to appropriate adjuvant therapies like the HBOT therapy if needed. 


(iii) Pressure Ulcer Care – Penjagaan Luka/ Ulser Tekanan

A comprehensive module to treat Pressure Ulcers with fast recovery time together with efficient preventive effort is our goal at MediAsia – Pressure Ulcer can develop during admission to Hospital, Nursing home and even at home due to prolonged immobilization or movement by patients.

(iv) Venous Stasis Ulcer – Vericose Vein Ulcer – Ulser Saluran Darah Vena

Venous ulcer is also known as the painful ulcer of the lower limb. Usually chronic and can be recurrent at most of the time, patients usually suffer painful all-day nagging type of pain and can be depressing due to long standing non healing wound.

(v) Post-Surgical Wound Care – Penjagaan Luka Selepas Pembedahan

can range to various complicated surgical related wounds, such as infected post laparotomy wound, infected gynecological wound or breakdown, infected post cardio open surgery wound, post sacral ulcer or carbuncle wound and many more.

we are trusted by many surgeons all around the country to help them close complicated wounds since 2013.

(vi) Home Chronic Wound Dressing Care

Unit Penjagaan Luka Kaki Kencing Manis Rumah.

Our Home Advance Wound Care Team consisted by Senior Doctor In charge and a group of well trained nurses and wound care assistant to assist our clients in their residence or home. Difficult to move patients, bed ridden patients, clients with transportation issue and those who require Home nursing with wound care are encourage to choose this option – talk to our front office for more info about this service.

(vii) Wound care for VVIP’s

Advance wound care management which gives our VVIP patients a non-hassle waiting time for treatment with the comfort of privacy being maintained at all time. individualized care plan is available and please contact us for further details.Additional charges & SOP involved .

(viii) Advance wound care for Pets / Animal Lovers. 

(ix) Arterial Ulcer Management and Wound Care – Penjagaan Luka dan ulser Saluran Arteri.

(X) PRP ( Platlet Rich Plasma) &PRF ( Platlet Rich Fibrin) for chronic wound healing